Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan’s Island is set to make a come back, only this time on the big screen. The new tag line will be “A two hour flop.”

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Polygamist Reality Show

A Utah judge has denied the stay on same-sex marriage in that state. The producers of Sister Wives, a top rated reality TV program about Mormon plural marriage, are considering the possibility of a homosexual polygamist reality show starring a man and his six husbands. Here are the top ten possible names for the show.

10. Sister Husbands
9. 7-Up
8. Brother Wives
7. All Pants no Skirts
6. He’s My Girl, Bill
5. Brother Husbands
4. Fathers Day
3. Testosterone Ocean
2. Groomzilla’s
1. Real House Husbands of Salt Lake City

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Target Customers Outraged

It seems that personal information on nearly 40 million Target customers was stolen this week by hackers. Target customers are outraged and the NSA is really impressed.

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High School

New research came out that reveals that being attractive in high school leads to success later in life. So finally some good news for hot, popular teenagers.

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The Trial of Jordan Graham

The trial of Minnesota wife, Jordan Graham, has taken a surprise turn. Accused of pushing her husband off of a cliff, Jordan plead guilty with the condition that she recount the entire night. The defense decided it would be better to reenact the evening. The judge, jury, court reporter, and lawyers met at the top of the cliff for the event. In a strange accident, the judge, prosecuting attorney, court reporter, and all 12 jurors fell to their deaths. No other attorneys will prosecute so all charges have been dropped, so to speak.

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TSA Agent Confiscates Tiny Toy Gun

A woman at a checkpoint at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport said she was “appalled and shocked” after a Transportation Security Administration agent confiscated a tiny toy gun belonging to her sock monkey.
The TSA agent told Mrs. May “I noticed that the gun your sock monkey was carrying was a Red Ryder BB Gun so for his own protection we had to confiscate it. Poor little guy could’ve shot his eye out”!

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Sesame Street Spoofs Lord Of The Rings

Sesame Street has produced a spoof of J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings. In Lord of the Crumbs Cookie Monster is in search of his Preciousssss, his prized chocolate chip cookie recipe.
The spoof has been so popular that the creators have decided to do another of these parodies starring The Count, Close encounters of the 1 AH AH AH 2 AH AH AH 3 AH AH AH kind.

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